“This week, a client contacted me with all your contact details and asked me to kill you”: this is the mysterious email received by some French people for a few months, relays an article from MidiLibre. Nicknamed “skrill” or “ angel of death”, a new cyber-scam has been flooding mailboxes for a few months. In this email, a complete stranger asks you for nothing more or less than a ransom. But not just any ransom: your life for money And, if by misfortune you don’t answer it, the e-mail promises without detours to send a hired killer to “eliminate” you.

He also indicates that he knows personal information about you, which he will not hesitate to use. of scam. His goal: to extract as much money as possible from you. A new form of cyber-scam, which simply relies on the recipient’s fear of being eliminated by a hitman! It’s like dreaming.. Yet the scam works!

Sent in waves to hundreds of people, the scam has grown significantly. So much so that the government site dedicated to cyber-maliciousness alerts this July 11, 2023 to this vast scam. Above all, advises the Ministry of the Interior: “Do not respond! You should never respond to this type of message, at the risk of showing cybercriminals that you are interested in it, which would encourage them to continue to bother you”.

Otherwise, if ever, you have been scammed. You are not alone. Hurry up to contact your bank and keep the proof of the exchange of mail as well as the payment. You can also file a complaint and contact one of the following platforms: Info Scams, Signal Spam, as well as Pharos, the government platform, to help you with the necessary procedures.