Holidays: the novels to read this summer or never


Have your novels and other thrillers remained on your bedside table for several months? During the holidays, no more excuses, you will have plenty of time to catch up on your reading. Especially since, according to a survey carried out in July 2020 by Youboox, a French streaming reading application, 69% of French people planned to read more during the summer. Escape, imagination, reflection… Books have the power to make us travel through the pages and to enrich us internally. It would be a shame to miss this opportunity during the summer period.

According to the Syndicat national de l’Ă©dition (SNE), the French read an average of 8.4 books per year. Women, on the other hand, hold the record, as they devour on average up to 10 books per year. The overall champions, however, are those over 65, with a total of 11 pounds per year. Behind are the 25 to 34 year olds. They consume only 5 pounds per year.

Since the start of the health crisis, reading has nevertheless been a safe haven, even a real antidote. “The French mainly read to fight boredom (43%) but also to disconnect from the news (33%) and spend less time on social networks (31%)”, can we read in the ‘study. “The 25-34 year olds, for their part, first saw in reading a means of “avoiding surfing the Internet (31%)”.

As for the privileged genres, if poetry has experienced a jump of 7% in this anxiety-provoking context, it is the detective novel which wins 45% of the votes. In second place, contemporary novels (32%), followed by fantasy novels (28%). Next come practical books (do-it-yourself, travel, cooking) (26%) followed by comics and manga (20%).

Are you still hesitating about which novels to read this summer? Here is a non-exhaustive list, in our slideshow above.