Cult songs that we still listen to with pleasure today. A decade of recklessness, freedom, audacity and extravagance, the 80s were musically rich.

In France, certain singers of the 70s confirmed their success and other talents appeared on the front of the stage. In the car, many people listen to music, thanks to a standardization of car radios which took place in 1984 in the form of the DIN 75490 standard which would become the ISO 7736 standard. It is thus possible to easily integrate any device into any vehicle with a slot in its dashboard. The radios broadcast the greatest hits of French and international singers, to the delight of motorists.

New wave, hip hop, pop, dance, electro, rap… Many musical currents are exploding and avant-garde artists are entering the scene. Mickael Jackson also imposes his legendary moon walk. In addition to the appearance of the cinema-style clip, which will revolutionize the musical universe, some artists make themselves known through provocation. Madonna, for example, through her sulphurous outfits, positions and lyrics, quickly created a scandal. Its success will be just as dazzling. As for Mylène Farmer, her career takes off thanks to the video clip of her title “Libertine”, where she appears naked.

Rock always makes you dance, and Johnny imposes himself as Taulier. For its part, the group Queen is also causing a sensation. The 80s are also the nest of timeless and improbable songs, which we always like to hum in the evening or during an improvised karaoke.

Discover 10 titles that we listened to on the road to vacation at that time, in our slideshow above.