the five numbers and two stars are correct, is the winner of Tuesday night, the total amount of eur 190 million and with the EuroMillions. The winning numbers are already known.

now, The winning EuroMillions numbers have been 7-10-15-44-49, and the stars were 3 and 12. Later in the evening, will be published in the country from which the winner of the jackpot is.


with The huge jackpot caused many in the past few days and weeks, though, that there is a lot more than usual. In the drawings, with the smaller jackpots, vary the number of players in our country are between 400,000 and 750,000 of them. On Saturday, there were fewer than 1.4 million, for a total amount of 13 million euros, which is two to three times more than you normally would. And now, they all knew that the jackpot for the Tuesday, anyway, are paid, it would be, that the number may be even higher.

for example, If the 190 million euros to a Belgian would be, that is the prompt of the biggest names the winner, ever before in our country have been. The current record dates back to October of 2016, when it took the player from the Tv to 168 million euros. In Spain (2017) Portugal (to 2014) and in Scotland (2012), which was, however, once the total amount of eur 190 million was won.

For those who don’t win, there’s the following Friday and again in a game. Even though the jackpot is much lower. Then the jackpot is reset to the starting amount of eur 17 million.