The snow Situation in the Alps is, according to experts, always dramatic. To Thursday will be added in the high mountains, probably another metre of snow. At lower elevations, 30 to 80 centimeters in Austria, said on Monday in Vienna, a spokesman for the Central Institute for meteorology and geodynamics (ZAMG). “The danger that trees lines due to the weight of the snow and the storm on roads, electricity and railway lines, falls, rises from day to day.”

Also in Bavaria, there were in the railway traffic delays and single cancellations. The Bayerische oberlandbahn could not go on Monday to the South of Holzkirchen, due to snow on tracks and Turnouts. In the land of Bad Tölz circles-Wolfratshausen and Miesbach is, meanwhile, to Friday, to all state schools, education. The Landratsamt Miesbach cried because of the snow, the case of a disaster.

“The next severe weather warning for the edge of the Alps before,” said a spokesman of the German weather service. The forecasters expect heavy snow, especially in the South of Bavaria. In addition, he is expected to be in the black forest, the ore mountains and the Bavarian forest.

the Three feet of snow in Tirol

The authorities in Tirol prepare on the highest avalanche warning level. There, the snow is already three feet high. The country had different scenarios in the view and make the appropriate Preparedness, said Prime Minister Günther Platter. Several helicopters were on standby. The same is true for the special forces of the Alpine soldiers, who are specialised in the burial search. The buildings for the protection of the places and roads from avalanches are also grown such amounts of snow, showed itself to be a responsible confident.

In Austria, however, was closed, a smaller ski resort in the Eastern Alps completely. The eight lifts at the Hochkar were discontinued because the access road was closed due to avalanche danger. In the face of three feet of snow the lift operator tried to comfort himself: “The snow will be after the re-opening of the road is still there,” said Ines Enöckl from the Hochkar-Marketing.