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The building of the new and exciting roller-coaster ride in The theme park Plopsaland de Panne are well-known. Robospinner , such as the name of the project is that of riding a roller coaster, is likely to be in 2021 to open.

the government < / i> the building since Sunday, so those who wish to object to the creation. Up until now, that is not the case.

What stands out: the amusement park Plopsa-roller coaster is among the most spectacular ever built in Europe was at an amusement park. It is a xtreme exercise roller coaster , which can only rotate around their own axes, and which is the cart several times on the head to go. Preliminary exist in the entire world, but it is one such attraction, the Time Traveler in the united states is the amusement park, Silver Dollar City .

the Time Traveller is at the moment, the only version with a spinning car in the world. In 2021 to open up a similar roller-coaster ride in The theme park Plopsaland de Panne. (Photo: silver dollar city –
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Robospinner , built by the German manufacturer, Mack Rides. It has been a roller-coaster ride in which the cars are the two times will be for decades to get enough speed to catch up, so that the spinning chamber several times, the head will be. It is the highest point of the roller coaster is 26 m above the ground level.

in The theme of the roller coaster ride it is, according to the specialised website of the is not yet known. In the beginning it was the intention of the Robospinner in 2022, it would be open, but those plans have recently changed, so that the opening is now provided in 2021.

The first of the preparatory work has already started and there are already trees that are cut down to where it is within a ten minute walk from the ride to come. In the theme park Plopsaland De Panne will be a spectacular roller-coaster Anubis The Ride, which is 34 metres high.
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