Heat wave and garden: here are 5 plants that you absolutely must protect from the heat


It’s well known that a heat wave and a garden don’t mix. As the mercury panics this summer throughout France, it is therefore important to take care of your little corner of greenery. This week again, a heat wave will indeed sweep over the country with peaks expected at nearly 40 degrees in the south-west in particular. Five southern departments have already been placed this Sunday, July 31 in orange vigilance: La Drôme, Ardèche, Vaucluse, Pyrénées-Orientales and Gard.

Several prefectures have taken restrictive measures to limit water consumption. In many municipalities, it is forbidden to water your garden or wash your car during the day. Preserving water resources must therefore be a priority during this period.

Fortunately, watering is not the only alternative to protect your garden or vegetable patch. Here are some tips to limit the damage:

Another solution in these times of restriction is to establish priorities in your garden. For enthusiasts who refuse to see their beautiful plants die, it is therefore necessary to take care of the most fragile ones. Here is a list of those that fear the sun and heat the most.