the sound makes the music, but a Vibration to the Temporal bone. It sounds bizarre, but the American company Aftershokz has specialized in. Aftershokz headphones keep the ears free, by transferring the sound through the bone of the skull. For this purpose, press the left and right just in front of the ear transducer capsules to his temple, the sound on the skull bones.

The Transducer to the vibration will not transmit through the air in the ear canal and the middle ear, but through bone conduction into the inner ear. Even if the frequency response of the headset ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hertz, transferred the bones of the skull, only the middle frequencies between 600 and 3000 Hertz. For the frequency range of the human voice, the bone instrumentation and control system is suitable, so that you can follow to audiobooks and Podcasts.

There’s no plug in or a pillow over the ears, all outside noise, so ring the bell or honk the horn Call, undamped, and are easy to locate. This is also the case with other types of movement in the transport of high-utility, is self-evident. And also in the office to get the address of the gentlemen, before they are forced to raise the voice. Transmission via Bone conduction reduced Listening in the best sense to an acoustic accompaniment of everyday life. The latest model of Aftershokz name Trekz Air certified like its predecessor, Trekz Titanium IP55, protected against dust and spray water and sweat resistant. This makes them to athletes.

is Used, the Transmitter will vibrate at the time of playback of the temple. Increased volume intensifies the Tremors at the temple, but also that the self-resonance of the transducer housing, the sound quiet in the next area is released. What’s the sporty running, or in your own car not a problem, it can be indiscreet when Sitting in a Café or on public transport. Although Aftershokz tries to reduce the leak in the acoustics with his leaks layer technology, using sound to the outside is released, the reduced phase shift, the sounds of the case of resonance at least. However, to satisfy pleasure you have to reduce the playback volume. In the case of Bluetooth pairing, the Version 4.2, and Multipoint support-pairing.

With two microphones equipped in the Headset for making phone Calls, but it sounds like a recorded speech, something pressed, and the suppression of is not in addition to noise as effectively. The Rufannahmen, adjust the volume, and the retrieval of other functions, such as starting and stopping take place via three touch buttons on the headband and on the left Tonkapsel. The input codes of the three hint buttons are made shorter, longer, double, and combined pressure sequences, and a shape after prolonged use, even if many actions are supported by voice prompts.