Brazil’s handball player of the German national team have the hoped-for protect to provide assistance, and are self-sealing against the entry into the world championship main round. The three-time Pan American champion won on Tuesday against Russia with 25:23 (15:10), and can make for now 4:4 in points, with a further success for the preliminary final against Korea, the perfect. In this case, Russia (4:4) would be eliminated and the German point loss due to the 22:22 on Monday evening without importance for the further course in the tournament. Germany would come in private, a final victory against Serbia provided that the two points gained from the 34:21-take success over Brazil.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

The Brazilians started at a furious pace and led at the break with five goals (15:10). After the exchange the Russians were up, offsetting a quarter of an hour before the end at 19:19 for the first time in the match. However, the South Americans could not be stopped and no more came, at the latest, after the Russian Star Timur Dibirow, saw just under seven minutes before the end, because of an assault, the Red card, in danger. The best launcher when winner Felipe Borges with seven goals.

Germany’s last preliminary round opponent, Serbia has taken his first victory at the world Cup. In a long close game the Serbs in Berlin, won with 31:29 (14:16) against the now definitely retired Koreans. Serbia maintained its small Chance to enter in the next round. On Thursday (18: 00 in the F. A. Z.-Liveticker for the Handball world championship and in the ARD) it comes to a duel with the DHB-selection.