It may speak very much to it that it is the display of private documents, and data from elected representatives, other politicians and persons of public life, not a classic Hack, but “only” to the “hard work” of one or more hoarder of data thieves. Still not sure, from what sources or networks, the data comes from, let alone who’s behind it – organized crime, political extremists, or even countries such as Russia or China, as immediately was geraunt. As often happens in such cases, the traces can easily be blurred, and one learns never quite sure who it was. The perpetrator or perpetrators may not be done this way, but what you can do, or can literally cash-in on it. Because even if the captured data should not contain “sensitive” information is any Hacker attack, a potential for Blackmail.

Jasper of old bockum

editor responsible for domestic policy.

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The power of this attack, but to what was referred to on Friday as an attack on the Parliament and thus democracy. Especially, if, in particular, members of the German Federal tags are affected. That he remained so long at least in Public unrecognized, is the fact that it could really have nobody noticed (up to the safety authorities, one would hope). Individual reactions can Affected but also suggests that an advanced habituation has contributed the effect is nothing New, it happens every day, we already had. Composure is never a bad counselor, but she is played in this case. Because nobody can have an interest in ensuring that the vulnerability of privacy is presented. Distrust, intimidation and insecurity are the consequence and the goal of such digital decomposition campaigns.