Charles III: what are his little guilty pleasures?


For as long as the royal family has existed, kings and queens have always been the center of attention. British monarchs get special attention, especially when it comes to the little secrets they try to hide. The love story between the future heir to the Crown, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles is a perfect example.

Curious, His Majesty’s subjects were also attentive to their daily habits, idealizing, even fantasizing. However, as revealed by the writer Bertrand Meyer-Stabley in his book Majesté. The reign of Elizabeth II, the habits and gourmet secrets of members of the royal family are not so far from ours.

Thus, the writer affirmed that the queen liked “very sweet café au lait, that Prince Philippe liked black coffee with a little sugar, while Charles never drinks coffee”. What about the taste preferences of the new King Charles III. According to this book, the father of Princes William and Harry “loves smoked salmon, peach Melba and bread and butter pudding”. Dishes much less whimsical than some might imagine. And to accompany his dishes? Bertrand Meyer-Stabley reveals that the queen preferred champagne and white wines “like Moselle or Sauternes” while her son preferred “white wine, champagne (Bollinger 1975 is his favourite) and Martini”.