The editor-in-chief of the “star”, Christian Krug, his task, and rises nominally. 1. January, he is “editor-in-chief of New business fields” by the publishing house Gruner + Jahr. In this function, he should discover “additional content-related transactions, develop and promote,” says the publisher. With this cross-brand editorial Position to force the Transformation of the house.

Krug office at the “star” as equal editors-in-chief Florian Gless and Anna-Beeke Grete Meier. The G+J-communication-in-chief Frank Thomsen, besides its previous tasks, management of the publishing house “News” around the “star”of the family and that of the publications, the m publishing in the journalistic rubric of “Knowledge”.

Christian Krug has headed the editorial staff of the “star” just under four and a half years. His biggest journalistic Coup in this time, the Interview with the then SPD party Chairman Sigmar Gabriel, in which he explained his resignation to the Chancellor candidacy. Under the Krug Aegis of the publication series of the “star grew up” with the magazines “Crime”, “Dr. Hischhausens star live a Healthy life” and “JWD”.