The 100 days of “appeasement” launched by Emmanuel Macron to reflect on new decisions that would relaunch his presidential term are soon coming to an end. Indeed, set for July 14, there are only a few days left before the Head of State takes the floor to take stock of this first year of the second five-year term. Will the President of the Republic choose to carry out a reshuffle? In any case, this is the rumor that has been circulating for several weeks. But when could this reshuffle take place?

To regain control of his five-year term, notably by signing the start of a new era, Emmanuel Macron could surely decide to reshuffle the government. Indeed, it is “a rumor which would come to concretize the launch of a new chapter for the President of the Republic, eager to put definitively behind him the troubled period marked in particular by the episode of the pensions”, as explained to us Cnews.

If for the moment, some names are whispered more than others, Emmanuel Macron has still not made a fixed decision and has, for the moment, made no announcement on it. Nevertheless, what is certain is that if the President of the Republic decides to reshuffle the government, the latter will not be done before mid-July. Indeed, the Head of State will necessarily wait for the end of the 100-day “appeasement” period, which will end on July 14, before drawing up his first assessment.

Moreover, a reshuffle is not an obligation for the Head of State. Indeed, several scenarios are available to Emmanuel Macron. If the latter decides to reshuffle, he can either appoint a minister from the Republican party or bring back a former minister who is already appreciated. However, the President can also very well take the decision to leave Élisabeth Borne in her post as Prime Minister. However, in this case, the Executive will still have to hire, given the number of Élisabeth Borne employees who have decided to leave Matignon.

If there is a reshuffle, it does not mean that it will necessarily be set for July 14. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron, who will take his vacation as traditionally towards the end of July, and this, probably, until the weekend of August 22-23, could very well decide to use this time to reflect on his decision, and thus announce it on his return. It will therefore be necessary to wait some time before having the exact date of the possible reorganization.