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When moving to the city of your beautiful vacation must be quite expensive, this can sometimes discourage or even cancel your project. In addition, by reducing your travel costs, you will be able to devote a larger budget to leisure and entertainment items related to your vacation. Thanks to Ouigo, your dream of going on vacation at the other end of France at a low price can become a reality.

The Ouigo rail service is a low-cost offer from SNCF allowing you to travel on high-speed trains and classic trains throughout France. Ouigo low-cost train tickets are 100% digital and available on the specialized online application. You can book the tickets several months in advance or a few hours before the train departs. The layout of the Ouigo trains, which have two floors, is designed to reduce travel costs.

These SNCF trains offer a unique class of travel equivalent to the 2nd class of a TGV. Mandatory attendance times before departure must also be respected for a low cost Ouigo trip by train. The passenger must arrive 30 minutes before the departure of his train to complete the security and control formalities. Before boarding the train 5 minutes before departure, you will have to present the original of your identity document and your ticket.

For your holidays in France, you can book your cheap train ticket with Ouigo easily and safely thanks to this online intermediary site. This does not entail any additional costs to be paid. This serious service provider recognized by the SNCF helps you prepare your train journey with peace of mind by providing you with all the information you need. SNCF reduction cards do not allow you to benefit from advantages when purchasing low-cost Ouigo tickets. These tickets are received between 48 and 24 hours before the departure of the train. If, for your holidays, you have made a Ouigo reservation less than 4 days before departure, the ticket will be sent to you immediately.

You should know that Ouigo tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable, whether online or at the station. However, you can change your reservation up to 5 hours before your Ouigo train departs. If your holiday journey is long enough, be sure to eat well before boarding, as Ouigo trains do not offer on-board restaurants.

It is difficult to conceive that you go on vacation without taking your personal belongings with you. In the low cost Ouigo trains, the constraints of optimal management of the interior space however impose certain rules to be respected. You have two choices. The first is to take with you two pieces of hand luggage, the dimensions of which do not exceed 360 x 270 x 150 mm. The second is to bring with you a hand luggage whose maximum dimensions are 360 ​​x 270 x 150 mm and a cabin luggage whose maximum dimensions are 550 x 350 x 250 mm.

If you have to go on vacation to France with a large suitcase, the size of the suitcase must not exceed 2 meters and its weight must not exceed 30 kilos. However, you will have to pay a baggage supplement of 5 euros for your suitcase. If you need to add your suitcase without reservation, you will have to pay 20 euros. For your low-cost journey by Ouigo train, you can take a child’s stroller free of charge. Be sure to notify this at the time of your reservation.

The Ouigo rail service serves the majority of major cities in most regions of France. The stations served are as follows:

This is a great asset to take advantage of the best travel rates, regardless of your destination in France during future holidays.

To ensure acceptable travel comfort, certain options are offered when you have to travel aboard a Ouigo train.

For a long trip, you will definitely need to charge your devices. In this case, when booking your ticket, you can choose a seat with an electrical outlet. On the reservation page, all you have to do is tick “electrical outlet” and pay any fees associated with the service (2 euros for a Ouigo Essentiel ticket).

This free option when booking allows you to be informed in real time of Ouigo traffic. Thus, you will be aware of potential delays or cancellations concerning the trains of the line.

For your vacation trip, you can decide to sit in a private wagon, away from the noise. If you want to work, relax, unwind or enjoy a restful sleep during the journey, this option is advisable. You have to pay a supplement of 5 euros.

On board the train, this paid option allows you to enjoy unlimited WiFi for your internet browsing. In addition, the proposed Ouigoplay platform will allow you to watch programs for the purpose of entertainment. Wifi only is accessible for an additional 3 euros per device. Wifi associated with the Ouigoplay platform is available for 5 euros more.

You can take your pets on Ouigo trains if you can prevent them from disturbing the surrounding calm. An animal weighing less than 6 kg can travel for free, while a train ticket will have to be booked at 15 euros for an animal weighing more than 6 kg.

For your holiday trip to France, you can choose the basic Ouigo Essentiel option with prices starting from 10 euros for adults. For children (-12 years old), the standard prices vary here between 5 and 8 euros. There is also the Ouigo Plus which adds three services to the basic offer if you agree to pay 7 euros more than the standard rate. Other additional paid services are available to choose from to improve your travel comfort. All this can cause the price of your low cost Ouigo ticket to vary between 10 euros and 35 euros.