this year, the picture is clearer than ever that The American companies dominate the world markets. Because the five in terms of market capitalization largest companies in the world come from the United States. At the top of Microsoft. The software group has displaced in order for Apple to second place. In addition, more than half of the 100 most valuable companies with 57 in North America. Only 22 coming out of Europe, as well as 21 companies from Asia and the Pacific. This results in an analysis of the auditing and consulting company EY.

Kerstin Papon

editor in the economy.

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Thus, the American company with 11.5 trillion dollars (approximately 10.1 trillion) combine for 63 percent of the total volume of market capitalization. Through the course of turbulence on the stock markets are 7 per cent less than in the previous year. The Asian company currently accounts for 19 percent of the total market capitalization of the largest 100. They lost to a strong year-on-year 15 per cent in value. European companies follow, with 16 percent of the total value and have lost in total 10 per cent. Overall, the stock market is to value the 100 most expensive companies in the world, the end of the year to 18.1 trillion dollars, or 9 per cent, or $ 1.8 trillion, less than a year ago.

Germany weight among the 100 largest has further decreased. Because the number of German companies decreased from six to two. The largest German Corporation SAP is on rank 61 – the IT group is currently around 117 billion dollars in value. In the previous year, the company was still on course 63. In addition, it has placed with Siemens to 89 (previous year: 73) yet another German company. The insurer, Allianz, is ranked 101 (92). In addition, the industry has moved gases manufacturer Linde a result of the merger with Praxair, the seat of Germany to Ireland, the UK, and is not, therefore, to the German company. The most expensive companies in Europe, the food company Nestlé with a market value of 252 billion dollars in 15th place (18).

A change there was at the top of the rankings: Apple has lost 17 percent of its value and slipped in comparison to the end of the year 2017 from the first to the second place. Microsoft moved from third to first place, with a market capitalization of 754 billion dollars. The software group has increased its stock market value within one year by 14 percent, or 94 billion dollars. Apple is now 715 billion dollars in value. The third place in the Ranking of the Google parent company, Alphabet, is used with a current market value of 685 billion dollars – 6 percent less than a year ago. The value in non-U.S. companies, the two Chinese Internet companies Tencent and Alibaba, with 381, or 339 billion dollars on rank six and nine.

car company is losing particularly hard to value

The relatively weak development of Germany’s Top corporations, Hubert Barth, Chairman and CEO of EY in Germany back to economic causes, but also on the specific mix of industries in Germany: “The past year was not easy for the German companies. Because of their relatively small home market and the strong orientation to foreign markets, they suffer more under the current trade, political tensions, and punitive tariffs than about the American corporations.“ In addition, the European economy will lose currently, while the economic recovery in the United States, the course continues to be very good. Add to this that just the for Germany such an important car feel mobile industry against the wind. Not only a German car would have lost corporations in the value of the entire automobile industry have experienced on the stock exchanges, is a difficult year, says Barth.

the total value of The 15 highest rated car manufacturer or supplier in the world decreased this year to 22 percent, or 212 billion dollars. To Tesla, none of the company could increase its stock value. The automotive industry is in a phase of upheaval, says Barth. High investments in future technologies, reduced profits, and the digitisation and the advance of electric mobility, existing business models into question. Also shrink, with China the most important sales market for the first time since at least two decades. All kidding investors, concern for falling prices and the case in Germany, because Germany is home to Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, Audi, and Continental, after all, five of the 15 largest companies in the automotive industry. In addition, the car manufacturers are because of the Diesel and exhaust gas scandal.