Watch out, it’s going to rumble! New storms are expected over a large part of the country this Friday, June 9, according to forecasts from Météo France. The institute has already placed 52 departments on yellow alert for this phenomenon for this weekend, sometimes until midnight on the night of Friday to Saturday.

As La Chaîne Météo explains, the storms “are coming back from the west, in connection with the rise of depression Oscar in the Bay of Biscay, which will cause very strong instability in the country with several stormy waves”. Attention, the one expected this Friday will be the most violent. Here’s what to expect, according to the specialist site:

For its part, Météo France speaks of an “active stormy situation on Friday afternoon and evening in a western and southern part of the country. The storms could give strong accumulations of precipitation in a short time and be accompanied by hail”. For the institute, this stormy situation requires “special attention” from its teams, like the French. Here are the general precautions to take if there are thunderstorms near you.

Is your department one of the 52 placed in yellow vigilance by Météo France? Check out the list below to find out.