the home has economy. In politics as in poetry. Gomringers “at home”, first of all, in her third volume of poetry, “climate research”, which appeared after feel of this Home want to. Already the form of the Text shows to what a home it is: The lines and words are pressed tightly, highlighting the squat block of Scripture to his series character. The poem presents itself as an “Idyll in the series”. It is at home in the house.

the Society is in the middle layer. Architecturally, the clear functional minimalism and poetry, traditionally, in the case of Concrete poetry. “At home,” writes to a Claus Bremer’s potentially endless poem “always nice to have in the series remain/keep moving the line”. On the other, it takes the question according to the Tradition, personally. With Nora Gomringer, the daughter of Eugen Gomringer, the question of the own “home” is also a question of poetry. Their “Idyll in the series” settles in the immediate neighborhood of the paternal Installation of “tree-kid dog house”.

The Strange is only from the outside’ of the woods

So much of the view on the outside betrays the facade. In the verses themselves to each other in crowded words suffer is symptomatic of the fate of the bear the characters: In this “home” is an inappropriate close. In order to get a clear view, only helps clean up. The reader is to plaster the reader to the cleaning man of the poem. What you see after finishing the house work? Twice the house economic order will move from the adult to the pet. First of all, in the three step of the nuclear family of mother, father, child, the siblings and the eingeflochtenen children’s song to a yellow bird in his cage. Then it follows the same family of anti-climax once more: From the adult quartets up to the neighbor’s cat. The Idyll in the series is advised for both the parents as well as house animals out-of-Band, because the principles of loving, Verzehrens, get Lingens and spray iron mesh have crossed: dog eat sea pork leg, cat meets a bird, Mama is wrapped around a Lover, daddy love his Blonde to Eat or treat yourself – the most beautiful figura etymologica – a blonde Bright, while mom and brightens your mood with tablets.

Gomringers nonchalanter sound may seem childishly naive, but full of refinement. The actual main character of the poem is the inconspicuous word “and”. It acts as a syntactic and rhythmic relationship with the founder. 23 repetitions of the conjunction to coordinate 24 Konjunkte. In addition, it has visible and audible in words like chasm or dog crept in. The reihende “and” is what creates the relationship drive, on the parents, such as on a shaft in the disaster slide.