prominent Prime Minister of the Union are calling on the Federal government, in the new year, not on the duration of disputes by 2018. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said the German press Agency, the claim of the black-red coalition to solve for the future should be: “problems, stable governance and less arguing.” He’ll take but it’s true since the Landtag elections in Bavaria and Hesse, in the autumn, “the aim of all partners”, “to restore the property, plant, and politics in the forefront”, said Söder.

North Rhine-Westphalia government chief Armin Laschet (CDU), said: “The expectation of the Federal government is that the year 2018 is not allowed to repeat.” Laschet reminded of the summer of the dispute between CDU and CSU, on the rejection of refugees at the border, which almost led to the collapse of the parliamentary group of the CDU and the CSU, and according to his words, the EU charged. The dispute, then the protection of the Constitution CEO Hans-Georg Maaßen, had brought the Grand coalition shortly thereafter, again to the brink of collapse.

in view of Bremen’s head of government Carsten Sieling (SPD) rated the government’s performance is extremely critical. “If you look at the year as a whole, one must say, that was a sad display, and a sad performance,” he said of the dpa. However, it should be managed in the past few weeks, a remarkable final sprint. Responsible for this progress the SPD.