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blessed is the one who had the lucky, once in mountain running in. 1200 meters below the earth’s surface, the Jammereien of all the desks, stressed-out employee and Manager perspective. If the depth of the Elevator doors moves to the side opens to a landscape of shafts and gears and cables and the rails and the device, of the Otto-normal coal consumer never has seen something.

Holger Appel

editor in the business, responsible for the “technology and Motor”.

F. A. Z.

The floor is uneven, the term mountain is attached to rise. The closer the path of the plow or Shearer takes, the closer he is. The crouched position could also be a gesture of humility before those who are sitting on the drill head, only in Shorts, in the front of it is even warmer than in the Rest of the Face. 50 degrees has the Rock. In order to create acceptable working conditions, are all few meters of air-conditioning systems. You make a noise and blow fresh Wind into the Bay, which is why it pulls like pike soup.

But, as such, is only 35 degrees. Coal mining Caving. The Rock low-kracht, as soon as the coal is mined in the most not two metres thick and the face on a length of 200 to 300 meters.


You have to now interject the concept of industrial romance, because expected all of this going on for a long time. Since the sixties the German coal has to be subsidized, since then, the funding costs are higher than the prices of imported coal. Around 150 billion euros, which have been shot. Now finished with this Era, all the still-functioning machines are sold through the mining Foundation of the RAG.

The end of a beginning is inherent in, if not enchanting. In the tunnels collecting pit water must be pumped out. On eternal times. Otherwise, the Region between Duisburg and Moers is 12 meters deep in an oversized bathtub versänke. What will remain forever is the respect for the miners. Thank You, Buddy.