Analysis of the attacks against the social media Trump took up the fight against Twitter gewonnenDem US President has managed to helpers Facebook and Twitter helpers, and simultaneously to make enemies of his state. Slowed he can’t be before the elections. Opinion Walter Niederberger0 KommentareDie fist stretched: Donald Trump has threatened the fight against Twitter full photo: Reuters

Donald Trump is escalating, and Twitter give in. For years, miss the US President needs the Online platform to Intimidate, Insult and lies. Twitter to look unmoved. Company-founder Jack Dorsey treated him as a Drunk, you can’t have out of the house, because he is the guest of honor.

in This case, Twitter would have clear game rules, which were tightened after the Russian hacker scandal of 2016, and the Dorsey promised last year before the Congress, without political considerations enforce. The basic rule is simple: users will be sanctioned if they “harass others or to incite”. This is exactly what Trump is doing more and more frequently, the closer to the elections. The last attack this week was even for the Person Trump in a particularly nasty way. He was under the previous Republican deputies and to the Trump critics of the advanced television host Joe Scarborough, 2001 in the assassination of a staff member may have been involved. Her death was investigated by the police and on a cardiac complaints had been led. The blatant lie is obvious and should be sanctioned.

Twitter is allowed to Trump grant, which encouraged him, his revenge action to expand, though the widower of the deceased woman Twitter had insistently asked for the removal of the Tweets and complained that Trump a cruel way of old wounds’m. The attack violated the rules, dismissing Dorsey unmoved, but “deeply regret the pain that inflict on these statements (of Trump) of the family”.

The Megaphone of Trump is to remove large

Instead of the attacks, handle Dorsey to a consolation. He knew two other lie-Tweets about alleged abuses of the postal vote with a corrected Link to a CNN article. It was the first engagement against the President, but a half-hearted. Because Twitter had previously removed such Tweets, the presidents of Brazil and Venezuela, as it was.

Therefore, the intervention will have no effect. First of all, the loud-hailer of Trump has become too big. Twitter can’t afford to remove a tweet because it generates over 80 million followers, more attention, sales and profits than any other. Secondly, spread the malicious message in the wind when hours later adds a note attached. The target audience, the Trump-trailer, sees the correction as a confirmation that the tech companies want to push in Silicon Valley conservative voices systematically.

responsibility is still not working

Trump has succeeded, the skewer against Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to turn around and make the enemies of (his) state, because they are naive and profit hooked behind the freedom of expression hidden. For traditional media, this freedom has clear limits that can be enforced before the courts. Twitter (and Facebook) have not grasped this responsibility is still full. You have become accomplices of Trump.

For the election in 2020, it will be too late to correct these omissions. Trump has escalated the fight against the social media. He can no longer be braked. Only a massive political intervention in the architecture of social networks can prevent you from becoming “failed states”.

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