Similar to clothes moths, food moths are not attracted to your closet, but to your cupboards. They usually surface in your kitchen at the start of the summer period. But do not panic, these little beasts are not dangerous. However, their unsavory appearance in your rice packets or packets of biscuits will surely disturb you. Able to lay up to 200 eggs which will hatch in just 3 or 4 days, food moths reproduce at a phenomenal rate. After a month, the larvae will turn into small greyish butterflies. As long as food is available to them, this pattern will continue. In addition to throwing all your food in the trash, there are now several ways to get rid of it.

Can come from outside your home and enter when your window is open or through the small space under your door, these critters most often enter your roof through the cocoons they lay under food products. Care is needed when shopping at the supermarket to ensure that no cocoons are present under the packaging you wish to buy.

If you notice the presence of food moths in your home, you can clean your cupboards with white vinegar, set a pheromone trap, or even put a few drops of essential oils in the corner of your cupboards to get rid of them. Laurel, eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemongrass, cedar, and peppermint essential oils are most effective. It is also important to thoroughly check your food packets to ensure that no moths, larvae or moths, and no cocoons are present inside or on the packaging.