Five billion dollars – millions of users lawsuits against GoogleDer Internet giant collects data, even if the settings were set to “private”. Each plaintiff demands a minimum of $ 5,000 in damages. 0 comment stands in front of a class-action suit: Google, here is the Swiss headquarters in Zurich. Tamedia/Reto Oeschger

The Internet giant Google will have to adjust in the US because of disregard of privacy settings on a possible class action in the amount of at least five billion dollars. According to the complaint, which was filed on Tuesday in Federal court in San Jose (California), to collect the company through Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other applications, and Website Plug-Ins and Smartphone Apps use data from Internet users, although these have set the settings to “private”. Google should not be allowed to participate in the covert and unauthorized collection of data from virtually any American with a Computer or phone, it was said in the indictment.

Google spokesman Jose Castaneda announced that the company will vigorously take action against the allegations. “We have to be clear, when you open a new incognito tab, that web sites may collect about Browser activity information,” he said. In the indictment, it was said, by the information about the browsing habits of users of Google could draw conclusions about friends, Hobbies, favorite food, shopping habits, even the “most intimate and potentially embarrassing things” that they were looking for users online.

Google is using the data in the location, individually tailored advertising. The class action includes “millions” of Google users, the since 1. June 2016 in incognito rummaged through mode on the Internet and to their data, Google will still have access. At least 5,000 US dollars in damages calls for each user from violations of anti-eavesdropping laws in the Federal and California privacy laws.


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