What drives someone to commit the irreparable? This is the question that motivated the authors of Black Beast to return with a plot that, once again, will not spare viewers.

The Bête Noire team is currently filming a second season in Montreal that places psychiatrist Éliane Sirois (Sophie Cadieux) and investigator Jasmin Boisvert (Martin Dubreuil) at the center of a new tragedy that upsets a family.

Met by La Presse on the film set, the author Patrick Lowe and the author Annabelle Poisson confide that they have once again sought to push the reflections surrounding the multiple facets of an intra-family drama.

This sequel, which will be broadcast on Séries Plus, revolves around the character of Pascale (Charlotte Aubin), a young mother who loses control of herself and tries to murder her two daughters.

“There is something striking when it is a mother who takes action,” observes Patrick Lowe. “It’s counterintuitive to think that a mother can come to this, and yet it does happen,” continues author Annabelle Poisson.

The authors want to present all the facets of a crime as well as possible, but also the legal proceedings that surround this type of polarizing cause.

Among the new characters who will make their appearance on the scene, there is a defense lawyer who will not hesitate to confront the tandem in their positions.

“Me Michelle Simon is a woman who takes on a cause and carries it through to the end, who doesn’t often lose and who manages to put her emotions aside. He’s a tough character, who fits in, “explains Sharon James, the actress who plays him.

The actress, who we saw in Larry and The Eye of the Storm, says she is “very proud that this passion is embodied by a black woman”.

Scenes of confrontation within the psychiatrist-detective-lawyer trio are expected. “In our society, we tend to quickly take sides in the face of drama. The role I play brings a nice nuance to a situation as complex as Pascale’s,” says Sharon James.

Behind the camera, Louis Bélanger succeeds Sophie Deraspe, who directed the first version of Bête noire. “I thought Sophie did a good job, so I pretty much signed up for a sequel,” he says. The dramatic side is very assumed. It facilitated my integration into the process. »

The director is not afraid to shock viewers.

Regarding the character of Pascale, the director wants to deliver a fair and explicit image of what the loss of control is. “We are going to see the disarray of a girl who seems prepared and who is completely messy. It’s complicated, psychosis. The challenge is finding the right dosage. »

Sophie Cadieux and Martin Dubreuil will find their respective characters in a scenario whose action is set four years after the first season, which depicted a massacre in a secondary school.

“We find Boisvert retired, a little bored, who will do good to return to his life as an investigator,” reveals Martin Dubreuil.

Unlike the first season, Éliane does not act as a coroner, but as a psychiatrist. Now the mother of a 4-year-old child, she develops an “extremely troubled relationship with the character of Pascale”, reveals Sophie Cadieux.

Herself a mother, the actress says she was troubled by the story of Pascale. “From the moment we are a mother, our experience influences our reading of a story. This kind of role confronts me with my own judgments towards women who lose their footing and commit such acts. »