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If there are last minute changes, Fernando Alonso will be able to play as of August 11, the Indianapolis 500 . McLaren has secured the necessary permission for the Spanish to be able to travel to the united States, something that was not clear until few days ago. The race will be the 23 of August and there will be Alonso if it exceeds the rating that the last year left him out of the fight before time.

The bureaucratic process so that Alonso could compete in the legendary event, the only that remains for you to win to achieve Triple Crown , has been sloppy, as recognized Zak Brown , CEO of McLaren, during the weekend. In that same press conference, the boss of the british team confirmed that they had received permission from Usa for the trip of the spaniard to Indianapolis, where the next week will begin to debate the most important event of the engine in the american country.

“Is resolved. I can tell you that when they called me it was nerves, but it is already solved. is Fernando will be in America next week , ” said Zak Brown, excited by the possibility of seeing Alonso wearing the colors of McLaren in the path legendary 500 miles.

Fixed the problem, bureaucratic, l as doubts reside right now in the test itself, therefore the advancement of the coronavirus in the united States holds it in the air the dispute of the event. In fact, it will not be until the weekend when we confirm the conclusion of the 500 miles, which leads vying for since 1911 with the exception of the years of the two World Wars.

After the fiasco of 2019, when Alonso could not overcome the classification, the Spanish is confident that it can aspire to victory this year with the Arrow McLaren SP white that was already submitted weeks ago.

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