FC Zürich in the Corona break – Magnin has the scream draufDer FCZ trained again – and it’s immediately very to the point. In addition, the Club has found financial solutions with its players.Christian Zürcher0 comment Ludovic Magnin is motivated. You can hear it.Photo: Claudio Thoma (fresh focus)

Some things are. Even in the crisis. If you Brunau in these days morning opens in the direction of, we hear you. The closer to the football place, the louder it is. The voice of Ludovic Magnin.

This voice has a bright to garish color, and this color has to transform the gift of the commands in the shots: “winning the Ball, boom”, calling Magnin and his players follow, you conquer-and-shoot. Two Lapwings have appeared in the Brunau and assess the Events. “Still intense,” says the pensioner with Dächlikappe expertly to his retired colleagues without Dächlikappe.

30 player Ludovic Magnin for Training from Wednesday for seven years.

The two then, a little later, once again a Sample of of Magnins vocal organ. Learn this unique Flash, as chairs take on Swiss Trainer only Magnin. Player Mimoun Mahi is fouled, he falls down and complains of the violent Boarding of colleagues. The Whining must rest Magnin for days, because a Nu later, he loses himself in a rant and compresses Mahi – sentences long. He ends with the words: “You’re constantly Talking, tami, get up!” Magnin needs to get air, and then the pensioners with Dächlikappe says expert of his retired colleagues without Dächlikappe: “German and clearly.”

30 players

The little digression to the voting violence Magnins promote themselves to reveal that The FCZ trained again. He’s in week two of four of the preparation for the Start of 19. June against YB. Last week got used by the player to the loads, but body contact is avoided. This week is the real thing.

The first round after the Corona break.Source: SFL

30 player Magnin on Wednesday for Training for seven years, including four youth players (Haile-Selassie, Reichmuth, Koide, Free), which join with the first team. It comes to find Alternatives for the English weeks and plan on the other hand, the coming season.

the First Tests have shown that some of the players stand in the endurance area better than before the break. It’s the explosiveness, lack but still sport-in-chief Thomas Bickel says. “This we have to develop in the next few weeks,” he says. Bickel, it would have been better if the team would have started earlier to train, however, economic Considerations were, in these difficult times is equally important. In the sense of: The later of the beginning of the Training, the longer the FCZ was entitled to receive short-time working compensation. The short-time work is with the players now, you can do without but continue to wage. How much, does not want to say Bickel. “You are in solidarity,” he says. Even with the expiring contracts of Kempter, Pa Modou and Vanins ends of the Club has found a solution. You are hired until the last round and get up then pay.

the topic of Rüegg: Still no contact

Bickel has looked in recent weeks, the Bundesliga and the level amazed. At the same time, he noted that on the one hand, individual quality, on the other hand, virtues such as will and team unity are just as important. Something that came up at the FCZ last too short. Also, the Bickel since the beginning of his term in office expected. Now, even more.

In the past few days, the rumor had it that the Bundesliga side Augsburg is interested in the outside defender Kevin Rüegg. Bickel can well imagine that Rüegg calls the interest of Bundesliga highlight, but he also says: “We have had no contact with another club.” This is, well, German, and clearly.

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