in The house of Commons has, once again, the proposal of the prime minister, Boris Johnson, rejected in order that the conduct of the elections in the united Kingdom. It was the third time that the proposal is to be voted out of office.

in The house of Commons, came out Monday night to be thinking about the forthcoming elections in the country. Now, it re-approved for the extension of the Brexit, they seem to prefer a foregone conclusion.

in The scenario where the members of the parliament to discuss it, that’s an election on the 12th of december, as in Johnson, that is. But before that, he was a two-thirds majority is required.

But he did not. 299 members of parliament voted in favour of, for, 70 against, and 229 from him. Is too low for an accord!

The government’s plan to keep the British on the 12th of december at the board of elections to send it, however, does not end there. Immediately after the vote is announced to Johnson that he and the members of the parliament Monday evening, still in the knowledge of a new legislative proposal by the government. It’s going to be an amendment to the law on elections, which Johnson, with a simple majority vote would have it.


the Opposition Liberal Democrats would be announced Tuesday an alternative proposal to come up for election on the 9th of december.

in That proposal, but that a simple majority is required, and it’s a real possibility that the conservative proposal would be to support it. In such a case, there is only nevertheless, elections are held, what the Worker’s loss of face would make a difference.

the Opportunity to object size

In the event that a proposal from the Liberal Democrats, no majority, then the Tories have a plan of action to be taken. However, observers deem that the risk is small and that the delay there has been and there still is a majority vote against the election result. Maybe you know the Brits, so on Monday or Tuesday, when they go to the polls to pull out.

if you are in Labour, the biggest opposition party, is less keen on early elections in the country. The youngest of the polls in the u.s. show that, for the Tories would be good to expand. But Labour will have to pass the bill “to investigate,” said the party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. “We are looking forward to a clear and definite decision that the ‘no deal’ is absolutely on the table, and there is no apparent danger, it is that this prime minister, his promises and does not fulfil it, he has the experience, and in this country where there is no agreement in the EU guide.”

The brexitdatum has now moved up to January 31, 2020, all the British people there will be, as soon as the brexitakkoord in the Uk and in the European parliament, has been ratified. The Eu heads of state and heads of government gave Monday morning, the green light is on for the Uk’s uitstelverzoek.

the Monday evening just prior to the vote at Westminster, and sent Johnson to a European Council president Donald Tusk been and a letter in which he was in Brussels urging further postponement will be completely closed.
More about the Brexit EU, British people delay until January for the orderly Brexit “Brexit delay, otherwise, the elections”: the two British parties set the terms and conditions Deferment for the Brexit? The EU member states to set up … make a decision for Boris Johnson wants a Brexit delay, as he is the elections must hold on the 12th of december