are you looking for an exclusive and in the Rhine-Main area-made Christmas gift? And want to simultaneously do something Good other people? Both is with the following quote: The watch manufacturer Guinand from Frankfurt auctioned off for the fundraiser “F. A. Z. readers help” the last available copy of the model HS 102.

Thorsten Winter

business editor of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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The clock had Guinand, together with the domestic pilot’s watches, a pioneer in Helmut Sinn to 102. Birthday devised. Sense died a few weeks after that. Guinand-owner Matthias Klüh brought the watch in March of this year as a tribute to Helmut Sinn on the market, limited to 102 pieces.

number 102 to have

100 copies at a price of 1916 were sold within a few days. The watch with the serial number 1 retains Klüh for its corporate Museum – number 102 he sold for our fundraiser. Guinand had already donated two years ago, the prototype of the anniversary watch HS 100 for this good cause.

In the case of a automatic 7753 from the Swiss manufacturer Eta/Valjoux is ticking. The Encapsulation measures 40,6 mm. A special feature is the Slot-Timer bezel, which is otherwise not available. The Online auction will run on the Internet at this address.