Good messages have to penetrate difficult, in the news the hustle and bustle of the exam. This was confirmed this week when the Figures for the German state budget. At all levels strong Surpluses at the Federal, länder and local authorities show up, even in the social insurance. Overall, an increase in the size of the order of 60 billion Euro. The debt is moving again in the context of what has once been set in the Maastricht Treaty for the protection of the Euro, agreed.

This is not a matter of course. To realize this, you do not need to look to Italy, where the debt burden, measured in terms of economic performance, is more than twice as high as in Germany. In this country, the situation was ten years ago. Shortly after the hot-running financial crisis alone, the Federal government planned to more than 80 billion euros in additional loans in just one year. It wasn’t so bad, but the obligations increased in the subsequent economic crisis. The national debt soared to more than 80 percent of the economic output, today there are only around 60 percent.

The solos must have gone

no one should, however, be of of the current good Numbers to be lulled to sleep. For the Federal government, it is foreseeable that the Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, have to fall back soon on reserves, all expenditure to be financed. But what will happen if the unusually long recovery should suddenly end?

According to the Motto “We have it” Black-Red billion over the Land of rain. The taxpayer to be charged, however, since the financial crisis, becoming stronger. You just give you back something if it is really to be avoided. So the burden of taxes and other compulsory levies increased over the years.