This November 28, 2022, Faustine Bollaert returned to France 2 with a new number of her show It starts today. On the program for this Monday, the testimonies of those who, over the age of 60, found themselves on the rue du day to day.

This was particularly the case of a guest named Maria who opened up about her misadventure with emotion. His story began like many others. “I come to live in Puteaux, I have lived there for 28 years. The owner wants to sell. I cannot buy. I am being sued, I am expelled. I bear it very badly”, she began to to tell about. Expelled at the age of 71, Maria leaves to live for a month with a friend who takes her in. A “difficult” situation for the septuagenarian who does not want to get angry with the latter. So she decides to get into her car without telling anyone. “I want to keep my pride,” she explained.

Ashamed, she does not speak to her daughter and explains to her that she has moved in with a friend. For almost a year and a half, Maria will live in her car. “I can tell you that we have very bad thoughts. We say we don’t deserve. We have worked since the age of 16 (…) You pay your taxes like everyone else, you pay your rent. I can’t buy because I’m all alone with a child and I continue to rent,” she explained. Faced with this situation, Maria revealed to the host that she had already thought about suicide. “We can’t say that you are honest, you have never given credit, you owe nothing to anyone (..) and at the end of your life, when your daughter is working, she is gone. .. And you’re on the street? It’s not for me what”.

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Following the broadcast of this sequence, the reactions were numerous on the web. Good numbers lamenting his daughter’s inactivity. “And his daughter then? I want his daughter more than the government! The owner is entitled to want to sell his home and that’s when his daughter should have intervened and taken care of her mother!”, Can we read or “I do not understand how children have the courage to let their parents live on the street”.

Some have pointed the finger at the court decision to place a 71-year-old woman on the street.