Verdi wants for the approximately one Million employees in the public service of the country in the next year, 6 percent more content. At least 200 Euro more pay would have to get the employee in the coming year, said the head of the trade Union, Frank Bsirske on Thursday after a meeting of the bargaining Committee of the trade Union and the DBB civil servants ‘ Association in Berlin. The remuneration of the trainees should be raised to 100 Euro.

the results of The tariff negotiations, on 21. January in Berlin, to start, to be transferred according to the will of Verdi and the other trade unions in the public service to the over one Million civil servants in the service of the country.

an Attractive employer

The public service must be an attractive employer, said Bsirske. In addition, the economic activity of a continuing, it should be robust upswing marked. The countries have achieved in the first half of the year, a Surplus of a good EUR 13 billion. The labor market has tilted from a supply to a demand market, said Bsirske. It is a disadvantage that the tariffs in the States back to the hardware since the year 2000, 3.5 percentage points behind the General wage development.

a Total of 2.3 million Workers, because the desired collective agreement should also be on the 1.2 million civil servants of the länder and the municipalities to transfer and, in addition to the around a Million pensioners. The negotiations with the tariff community of German countries to 21. January start.