After receiving Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky this Sunday, May 14, 2023, the President is due to meet many industrialists this Monday, on the occasion of the “Choose France” summit. Following these interviews, Emmanuel Macron will be received on the TF1 television news set by Anne-Claire Coudray at 8 p.m. Since March 22 and his appearance on the 1 p.m. edition of the same channel, he had no longer appeared on television screens in such a setting. This interview comes the day after an interview for L’Opinion, in which the president discusses various topics, which will also be discussed on Monday evening.

A resumption of control of the political agenda is in the sights of the executive while the government seems more fragile than ever. His return to the fore now seems official. During the highly contested pension reform, Elisabeth Borne seemed isolated, and even put under pressure by a somewhat aloof president.

The pension reform remains the subject at the heart of the news despite the promulgation of the law on April 14 by the Elders, then by the executive. The file, still also discussed by members of the opposition and by the unions, deserves some clarification. The opportunity therefore for the executive to clarify certain measures and to reaffirm their implementation on September 1st.

Emmanuel Macron had regretted that his camp had “failed to sufficiently explain the need for this reform” and this a few weeks before the examination in the Assembly of a proposal to repeal the reform carried by the independent group Liot scheduled for June 8. This evening, he should mention this deadline, which will surely be the last for the bill.

In addition, the President of the Republic will probably have a few sentences for the opposition. “Some have claimed that the reform could be avoided, without saying what they were proposing instead,” he detailed in his interview with L’Opinion.

In his recent statements, the president, supported by Bruno Le Maire, regretted the lack of consideration for the middle classes. “We help a lot people who are in disarray, who have dropped out. We help low salaries a lot, and we have done more with the activity bonus. But the taxation of middle class income is too high and is accelerating too fast. It crushes purchasing power gains between 1,500 and 2,500 euros”. This theme should probably be addressed during his interview with TF1.

“I’m talking about those who are too rich to be helped and not rich enough to live well. To correct this, we must continue to restore public services. But we must also allow the middle classes to live better with their salary. And so keep lowering their taxes.

During a speech at the Élysée on the reindustrialization of France, this Thursday, May 11, Emmanuel Macron surprised many people. He called for a “European regulatory break” in terms of environmental constraints. He justifies his remarks by saying that the Union had done “more than all its neighbours” and that it “needed stability” for its industry.

“We are ahead, in regulatory terms, of the Americans, the Chinese or any other power in the world”, thus estimated the President of the Republic during a speech at the Elysee Palace on the reindustrialization of France. For him, “we must not make new changes to the rules, because we will lose all the players”, and pose “risks” on the “financing” of projects, as Le Figaro explains. .

A sentence, taken up by several media, in the wake of AFP, which arouses the skeptical or critical reactions of several elected leftists or environmentalists. They see it as a sign of the diminished ecological ambition of the Head of State.

Suffice to say that this invitation to 8 p.m. on TF1 is timely, in a particular context, and in which the President of the Republic wants to reaffirm himself as a leader. Questions and answers are therefore expected for this edition of the 8 p.m. television news on TF1.