Autumn horoscope 2022: what really awaits your sign


Autumn is often synonymous with a certain return to calm, after a hectic summer. But in 2022, the third season of the year could well have some surprises in store for you… In any case, that’s what the stars suggest, explains Natacha S, astrologer.

Already, from September 10 to October 2 inclusive, the planet of communication, Mercury, was in “retrograde” mode. The phenomenon occurs about three times a year, and can be interpreted, in astrology, as a period of unforeseen, blockages.

But that’s not all. At the end of October, another major star will change the direction of its course.

“From October 30 to January 12, 2023, continues Natacha S, Mars will retrograde in the sign of Gemini”. The planet finds itself in this configuration “every two years or so, which corresponds to the duration of its course around the Sun”.

And this change will not be without consequence, like Mercury retrograde, supports the astrologer. “Mars symbolizes combativeness, action… When the planet retrogrades, it is closer to Earth, and therefore, more powerful. The positive, tonic, dynamic side of each should therefore be exacerbated,” continues Natacha, before qualifying, however: “we can also become more aggressive, on edge, and there can be more tensions, conflicts…”

To pass the period without incident, she recommends communication. “Mars retrogrades this year in the sign of Gemini, and it is a sign of communication. We must therefore be careful with our words, our words and our gestures, and use this force in a positive way, and not as a tool of aggression or conflict. But each zodiac sign is going to be impacted differently.”

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“In any case, the horoscope is above all entertainment, a bubble of lightness in a world that needs it so much, and it can also be a lever of inspiration and intuition, depending on the sensitivity of each” , says Natacha S, who gives video consultations all over the world (her site).