The government’s Water Plan is an ambitious plan to improve water management in France. It aims to respond to the major challenges of drought, floods, water quality, biodiversity and the impacts of climate change.

Emmanuel Macron chose Savines-le-Lac for the presentation of its water plan because the town is located next to the Serre-Ponçon lake, the largest freshwater reserve in Western Europe. An area that combines all the issues related to water. Elisabeth Borne had to travel and make the presentation. However, given the difficult social context, it was the president who took the lead.

Beyond environmental issues, the Water Plan also has economic and social implications, particularly in rural areas where agriculture and tourism are highly dependent on water quality. It thus contributes to the creation of jobs in sectors such as water management, the restoration of natural environments and the production of renewable energy from water.

The Water Plan is a major government initiative to address water and environmental issues. It aims to reconcile economic development and preservation of the environment, by mobilizing significant financial resources and involving all the players concerned.

Here’s what to expect from Emmanuel Macron’s announcements: