After Ford, General Motors and Rivian, it is now the turn of Volvo and its sports brand Polestar to bet on the Tesla port called North American Charging Standard (NACS) to build its electric future. The Swedish manufacturer made the announcement last week, which will allow it to access the impressive network of Supercharger fast terminals.

This transition will open the door to 12,000 fast charging stations scattered throughout North America. Volvo thereby becomes the first non-American brand to adopt this port made available to other manufacturers by Tesla since November 2022. Like its rivals, the manufacturer will integrate NACS ports into its models from 2025. Adapters will be offered by manufacturers to provide access to vehicles with CCS ports.

Note that this NACS port is twice as compact thanks to the integration of DC and AC charging in a single housing with no moving parts. Tesla also states that it is twice as powerful as the CCS port.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has also declared that it wants to establish technical standards governing the NACS connector. Without advancing a timetable, the short press release published by the SAE specifies that this standardization will be done in a “quick time” and will allow all manufacturers who wish to adopt it to do so. Also taking into account the fact that many terminal manufacturers have committed to integrating these ports, we are very likely to see a generalized gradual adoption of this connector.