Last January, Danny Maciocia was “a few hours” from leaving the Alouettes organization. Today, 11 months later, here he is with a long-term agreement linking him to the Sparrows of his heart until 2027. Bringing back to his nest, in the process, a Gray Cup trophy.

The Alouettes also announced that head coach Jason Maas had signed an additional three-year contract. Maas will therefore be at the helm of the team until 2026.

“In January, I was pretty sure I was leaving,” Maciocia told the media at the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday. I already had an idea of ​​where I was going, and I was hours away from confirming it. »

What pushed him to stay and not join a “Western” team, despite the turmoil the club found itself in at the time? His love for the Alouettes and for his hometown.

Time will have proven him right. And not just a little. In March, Pierre Karl Péladeau became owner of the team. The businessman thus brought “stability”, but also “peace”.

“That’s what we needed,” he said.

Stability was the theme of this day of pleasing news for the Alouettes. This is what Maciocia’s new contract represents for the latter. “This is something we haven’t seen in recent years. »

The GM is recognized as a fine negotiator when it comes to reaching an agreement with players. How did the negotiations go regarding his own contract?

“I think I left money on the table!” », says Maciocia, provoking hilarity around him.

“There is no one who is going to be rich with CFL salaries,” he continues more seriously. Whether it’s coaches, players or managers. […] It’s nice to have stability, but [working] in a healthy environment, with people who I consider to be an extension of my family, it’s worth more than you can imagine. »

For Maciocia, it was “important” that the announcement of Jason Maas’ contract extension was made at the same time. “We have a history together of almost two decades,” he explains.

Maas was a player in Edmonton when Maciocia was offensive coordinator there, in particular. “My three Gray Cup victories were with Jason Maas. It’s not my day, it’s our day. It’s organization day. »

For Maas, it was obvious that he would continue the adventure in Montreal, and in particular with Maciocia.

While it was not an ideal situation, Maas was prepared to lead the team next season without confirmation that his contract would eventually be extended.

“But it still shows something when the organization approaches you first while there is still one year left on your contract,” emphasizes the coach.

Maciocia compiled a 27-23-0 record in three seasons at the helm of the Alouettes.

Maas, who became head coach in December 2022, led the team to a record of 11 wins and 7 losses in 2023. The Alouettes finished the season with eight consecutive victories, until lifting the precious trophy.