the election campaign in Serbia war criminals are pushing to Parliament Multiple atrocities perpetrators want to run in the next parliamentary election. The judiciary and the government in Belgrade to remain idle. Enver Robelli0 KommentareAuf the field of battle: Vojislav Seselj (left), with the militia leader Dragan Vasiljkovic in 1991 in the Croatian town of Benkovac.Photo: Keystone

The life of Dragan Vasiljkovic was probably never monotonous. Often it was bloody. The Serb from the left as a Teenager to his home and immigrated to Australia. There, he made a career in the army, was a Golf instructor, sailed with his yacht on the oceans of the world, spent some time in the Gulf Emirates, Latin America, and Africa. On the Black continent, he had been “in the field of security” operates, says Vasiljkovic, that sounds like a euphemism of a activity as a mercenary.

Then came the year 1991, the multiethnic state of Yugoslavia before the break-up, and at the airport of the Croatian city of Rijeka landed a single-engine machine. At the controls sat Dragan Vasiljkovic, he was rushed from the United States to help the rebel Serbs to prevent Croatia’s independence. Vasiljkovic was called from now on “Kapetan Dragan”, he was a Comic book Hero – and committed war crimes. His victims were Croatian civilians, and the German Journalist Egon Scotland, who reported the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. For Vasiljkovic of a Croatian court has sentenced to 15 years in prison. At the end of March the war criminals went free and was deported to Serbia.

“Outrageous and immoral”

Now he is pushing into the Serbian Parliament. Currently, the 65-Year-old collecting signatures for his candidacy. The elections will take place on 21. June. As representatives of the people he wanted to work for the rights of the “detained Serbs” in Croatia, Kosovo and Montenegro, said Vasiljkovic. In addition, it is high time that the authorities allow the killers of the Pro-Western leaders, Zoran Djindjic free. Vasiljkovic called them heroes. Serbian opposition politicians condemned the statements as “outrageous and immoral”.

His re-candidacy has also announced Vojislav Seselj. The Balkans is well-known in great Serbian Nationalist was sentenced to 2018 by the Hague Tribunal for crimes against humanity to ten years in prison. Because the sentence was shorter than the one already served on remand, not to the bullhorner behind bars and was able to continue his political career in the Parliament in Belgrade. According to the law, an MP loses his mandate if he is sentenced to a custodial sentence of more than six months. However, for Seselj, the Serbian judiciary and the state leadership of both eyes to the oppressed.

Omnipresent: The ultra-nationalist Vojislav Seselj is greeted at a rally in Belgrade by his followers warmly.Photo: Sasa Stankovic (Keystone)

In the media is the war criminal and leader of the small Radical party to be omnipresent, he must deny the genocide in Srebrenica, and his books with vulgar titles and insulting prose public. Here is a selection of his works, which are directed against the Prosecutor and judges of the UN Tribunal, and against Western politicians: “In the clutches of the whore Carla Del Ponte”, “The shrunken kangaroo testicles Kevin Parker”, “The sneaky Gallic monkey Jacques Chirac”, “The English Schwuchtelfurz Tony Blair”, “Washington, The sex-obsessed Bill Clinton”. Seselj has published over 100 books, and after his return from The Hague and apparently also the colon cancer defeated.

885 civilians killed

His candidacy of the retired army General Bozidar Delic is preparing in these days, he is a party friend Seseljs. Also Delic was sitting so far in the Parliament, although for Serbian human rights activist there is no doubt that he has committed war crimes in Kosovo. According to the data of the Belgrade Fund for humanitarian law, the units of Delic in the year of the war in 1999, have been killed in eight villages in Kosovo 885 Albanian civilians. In spite of the overwhelming evidence against the suspected mass murderer doesn’t have to fear prosecution by the Serbian judiciary.

a seat in Parliament, two politicians who threatened witnesses of war crimes, and blackmailed to apply according to the investigative platform Birn. You are wanted by the successor Organisation to the now defunct UN Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, plug-in a letter, but Belgrade refuses their extradition to The Hague. Two more candidates for the Parliament are brought in connection with war crimes in Bosnia or Kosovo.

Unsuspecting Generation of

While the judiciary remains idle, revered the criminals as heroes. The Ministry of defence organizes book exhibitions of war criminals – one of them is even praised as a model for future Serbian officers, once he was allowed to as a guest lecturer occur at the military Academy. Under the head of state Aleksandar Vucic, a historically unsuspecting Generation is growing up in Serbia. Against the historical revisionism human rights defenders, the EU, and now also members of the U.S. house of representatives to protest. Their Appeals go unheard.

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