Eintracht-comment: Brilliant perspective on the Main


    of All the self-criticism: The Start of the new year is a great success. The Concord has the pre-Christmas low blow against Bayern quickly forget and is thanks to the victory against Freiburg and the tie in Bremen next to the course and in the first third of the table of the League. Sporty so it is true so far. Economically, the management Board member Axel Hellmann was confirmed already, it runs. In the past financial year, the Frankfurt football club has generated record sales of 140 million euros.

    the record will be, if at the end of June will be drawn under the then new Numbers a dash. The managers expect a further increase to 160 million Euro plus x. The x relates to the not yet to quantify revenue from the so far with six Victories in six group games, a successful Europa League-the business in which the harmony will soon need to contend in two knockout Games against Shakhtar Donetsk.

    A “sinister dynamic”

    presented this Monday evening at the meeting of the members in the Wolfgang Steubing hall at the Ried forest the Numbers. “The reporting year 2017/18 was one of the most successful in the recent club’s history and was marked by a sinister dynamics”, – stated in a table template. “The past twelve months, with growth strongest in the history of Eintracht Frankfurt.” The mother club Eintracht has every reason to be more than just satisfied. All the teams of the football performance center to play in the highest possible leagues. And the number of the members knows only one direction. It goes steeply upwards. Exactly one year ago, it was proudly reported by the cracked sound barrier of 50,000. Now have been joined by more than 63,000 members of the Concord. The club is on a nationwide basis, six – and has ambitious goals: to 100,000, it should be in the medium term. A Vision can become a reality.