The students ‘ protests against reforms in the education sector in France. On Monday, the class was disrupted to more than 100 schools, radio station France Info reported, citing the Ministry of education. Around 40 schools were blocked thus completely. The be less than last Friday.

The students have been protesting for a week – the Trouble is, for example, against a Reform of the baccalaureate, and the new marketing platform for universities. Students also participated in the Protest.

the Minister of education, Jean-Michel Blanquer had already called several times to rest. In the past week, the actions of the police had triggered a mass arrest of students and dismay, and indignation. In the vicinity of Paris, some 150 people had been arrested. Most of them were students who had protested in the vicinity of a school in Mantes-la-Jolie. Videos of police use of show, as dozens of students in rows, and under the supervision of the security knelt by forces on the ground or squatted, with hands on head or behind the back.