After the mass panic, with six dead in a nightclub in Italy, there has been arrests. Including is to be a teenager, in the night of Saturday, Mace in the night club “Lanterna Azzurra” in Corinaldo sprayed and, thus, the panic could have, as several Italian media reported on Monday according.

the 16-year-old Boy had been identified by witnesses as a suspect. Arrested, he had been, however, because of the possession of drugs, the police found at his home, reported about “La Repubblica”. Thus, there were two other arrests for drug trafficking. The police were on request in the Morning with any information.

In the case of the accident before the appearance of the Italian Rapstars Sfera Ebbasta five teenagers and a mother were killed. Dozens of people were injured. It is checked whether too many Tickets were sold, and whether it was Locally crowded.