EDF scam: the 12 email addresses you can trust


Scams, especially by email, are unfortunately still very common, in France and around the world. The scammers practice, among other things, a technique known as “phishing”, or “phishing”. This scam consists in obtaining the bank details of the victim, to use them for fraudulent purposes.

To do this, the scammer will most often go through a recognized organization, adopting its logo and graphic charter to maximize its credibility. He then sends a message to his victim, by email or even by SMS, claiming a more or less plausible reason to invite the victim to enter his bank details.

In recent months, we have seen fraudulent Chronopost SMS messages, or even abusive calls referring to the CPF account. The new company whose identity is usurped by the crooks is none other than EDF. Indeed, the name and logo of this energy giant are currently on everyone’s mind in the context of the energy crisis, which makes it the ideal candidate for scams.

EDF has therefore communicated a list of all the official terminations that it would be likely to use to contact its consumers by email, according to Femme Actuelle.

If you receive a supposed message from EDF, you should therefore check that it comes from one of these emails. It is also important to remember that data as confidential as bank details will never simply be requested by SMS or email.

Here is the list of EDF email address endings you can trust: