you will have joy in the work, also need a task and the contact to other people: 90 percent of all working pensioners continue to work for these reasons.

a Total of work more than one in four pensioners in Germany in the first three years of his pension. The on Tuesday published a survey conducted by the Institute for labour market and occupational research (IAB). For women, there are 31 percent for men, 28 per cent.

About 70 percent of all women work, however, because they need the money. For men, there are, however, only 53 per cent.

pensioners are dependent, therefore, stand more frequently on an additional merit in the rest, because they were busy due to starting a family and more in part-time and less pension.

“it is Unclear whether the additional income from the prosperity level of the pension, or whether or not these persons need to secure a minimum standard of living”, – stated in the IAB report.

The study is based on data of around a thousand men and women aged 58 to 69 years, since a maximum of three years in an old-age pension. Are based on data from the National educational panel from the years 2012 to 2016.

the data show, however, that especially in the case of men and women with a high household income, the probability is particularly high in the retirement to continue working. Pensioners have an income of 1000 euros a month, working 26 percent of men and 29 percent of women.

pensioners an income of at least 2500 euros, some 60 percent of men and women. Just for men is so: The better you are trained the more likely they are to go in the peace and quiet of a employment to stand still.

Of the pensioners who do not work would have worked according to the study, nearly one in five women. For men, there are 22 percent. “Politics and businesses should provide flexible arrangements, favourable conditions, in order to purchase wishes in the retirement age can better be realized”, – stated in the study.

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