The Range Rover is there for almost 50 years, in the program of (Land) Rover. When he came in 1970 to the market, he was a Sensation. He is generally considered to be the first SUV, and to this day he lives by his Nimbus, he has worked in the 26 years of the first series. Long ago, he is basically his own brand, and the manufacturer has made in recent times, the Sport, the Evoque and the Velar to the page. Only the king himself comes with no nickname. The word “Vogue” at the rear of the test car indicates an equipment line.

Boris Schmidt

editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

F. A. Z.

We find ourselves on the turn of the year, with the base model of the Land Rover flagship, for the at least 103.100 euros to create, has to be. As “Vogue” is the cost of the Range Rover 3.0 SDV6 then 110.600 Euro. It is unbelievable how the car prices are galloping a quarter of a century, it was the entry-level Range for 81.450 Mark. At that time, the second Generation brand new, the BMW diesel sixes with 2.5 liters of displacement, brought a mere 136 HP and maximum of 270 Newton metres of torque at 2300 Rpm. That was for the big car with a manual six-speed gearbox is far too little, and in this newspaper that led to a withering critique (28. February 1995), who were, in turn, some readers to the occasion, to cancel the signed sale and purchase agreements.

This no longer happens today, certainly. The base is almost three times as expensive, still now, six-cylinder, but displacement of 3.0 litres, twice as much power (275 HP) and double the amount of torque (625 Nm at 1550 to 2250/min). The equipment level felt at least ten times as good, was underlined. All of the assistants, there are today, in 1995 there were still far off.