Venezuela was once the richest country in South America – in the meantime it has become the poorhouse of the Region. Improvement is not in sight: Venezuela goes to the sixth year of a depressing economic crisis. The oil country that has the highest Oil reserves in the world, exported less and less Oil, and instead, more and more people. Day-to-day 5000 Venezuelans leave the country, estimates that the refugee Commissariat of the United Nations. They flee from Hunger, from diseases for which no drugs are to get, and from the violence in the country, Venezuela also has the highest murder rate in the world.

for More than three million people since 2015 from Venezuela, the United Nations estimate that by 2019 the number will rise to five million. Soon it could be even eight to ten million, suggest Economists at the Brookings Institution. Thus, Venezuela, Syria would be considered so far, the world’s largest refugee country (6.3 million people) exceed. The people would have to flee because they can no longer be fed with what Venezuela is still achieved in revenue, in a simple, argue the Economists.

José is one of them. Three months ago, the 43-year-old Venezuelan came to Argentina to build a new existence. His wife and the two children will soon offspring. José and his wife, Mary, both had good jobs. He was employed at a Bank. Mary, whose name we have changed for security reasons, is still working as an IT specialist in a Ministry. However, the double had earner not even enough food on the table. The socialist local Committee distributed food rations only arrived every few months, says José. “The entire week we spent in order to stand somewhere in line to be able to buy anything.” When Mary was sick, couldn’t Jose get the necessary medications. “Since the decision was made: it can’t go on.”