Anna-Felizia Blank 25, Sven Streit Berger is 22 years old. And both like to dance: “After work, to beat the boredom,” says Blank, who lives like streitenberger in the institutions of the Diakonie Darmstadt-Dieburg and works. What sounds for people without a disability, of course, is for adolescents and young adults with Down’s syndrome in several respects, a challenge.

“she has already danced in a dance school, but in the normal courses it is easy for you to quickly,” says Anna-Felizia Blanks mother. Therefore, she has driven her daughter in a taster Workshop, the dance school Motsi Mabuse in Eschborn. 45 car-minutes to the journey, but it’s worth it. Because in the school of dance at 9. Floor of a simple building in Eschborn industrial area will meet this Sunday afternoon, only young people with Down’s syndrome. With the help of a special pedagogue, Miriam Stiegler you will learn in just two hours, the Cha-Cha-Cha. Blank will have to take the significantly schüchterneren streitberger at the beginning of the Hand, but soon the young man moves in a relaxed to the loud, current music tracks, the Stiegler and her dance partner and Co-teacher Maksym selected Hulyatskyy.

the Workshop of the Frankfurt club “T21 – Healthy life with Down syndrome”. Brigitte Wet from the office of the Association says: “movement is for people with Down syndrome is particularly important. But there is often too little to offer. We wanted to make a change.“ Of supporters of the annual Down-athletes festival, the Kalbach takes place since 2003 in Frankfurt, the Association was founded in February 2018. Its members want to develop over the year sporting events, and offers. Thrilled you’ve taken up, therefore, the proposal of Motsi Mabuse, a taster dance course for young people with Down syndrome and to establish, where appropriate, said Moist.

Workshop at the Down-athletes festival

Mabuse, internationally successful dancer and dance teacher, had already offered a Workshop at the Down-athletes festival. The lively English South African is the Dance for people with disabilities is a matter of the heart, as she says. “All we’re trying to overcome barriers,” says Mabuse. “And Dancing to good music, when all of the fun, then that is good.”

the fun you have in any case, the approximately 35 young people between the ages of 13 and 33 years, participating in the introductory Workshop. They have traveled from Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Germany, Miltenberg, and Wiesbaden. First, as each dances alone, then, Stiegler and Hulyatskyy with the step begin to follow for the Cha-Cha-Cha. Very slowly and individually. “The Cha-Cha is close to the present-day taste in music, you do not need to touch the same, and so we wanted to check first and see what knowledge, what obstacles there are, then, some of the figures practice,” says Stiegler, who, when she’s not dancing or teaching dance, as a special education teacher, young people with disabilities to their profession.

The requirements of the dance students this afternoon in Eschborn could not be more different: An eighteen-year-old from Frankfurt is already an experienced Salsa and Zumba dancer and taught comrades at the IGS Nordend even his class. A nineteen-year-old from near Miltenberg has so far only danced at home with their mother and in belly dance, as in Rock ’n’ Roll tried. A 17 years old girl from Wiesbaden, Germany has also participated in a dance class. “It was fun, but it was still actually still too hard for you,” says her mother. “There is far too little of such deals, it would be great if the would here establish.”