A seemingly tipsy Kimi Raikkonen has straps at the end of the season-Gala of the international automobile Association, the other price stole the Show. The Finnish formula-1-Pilot fluctuated on Friday evening in St. Petersburg on the stage to his Cup for a world Cup place. In doing so, he overlooked one of the moderators, embraced his twitchy Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel on several occasions, and saluted, grinning with a thumbs-up to the audience. “Kimi has enjoyed the evening very much,” said the commentator Nicki Shields in the hall. Videos of the scene spread rapidly in the social networks.

you can Also use recordings, such as the 39-Year-old climbing with some difficulty over a railing and then returns slightly unsteadily to his place, made for Amusement. Recently, Raikkonen had caused quite a stir when he reported in his biography of previous alcohol-escapades. The world champion wants to be drunk of 2007 in the year of 2012 between the two races, the twelve days constant.

Some astonishment, the appearance of Vettel. The Hesse showed up in St. Petersburg with a mustache. To let the Beard grow, had not been “very difficult,” the 31-Year-old with a Smile know. Whether the new Look is intended to be permanent, not revealed Vettel.