fog, gray fields and motorway dreariness on the way to Giebelstadt. In the pampas of lower Franconia, a large gate appears from out of nowhere, behind a haunted estate. In search of the house of lords you can lose here easily. The huge courtyard garden with meadows and old trees, the castle is a former water and the little houses from the stable to the Carriage house surrounded, could be the set for the film “beauty and The beast”.

From the door of the barn, Otto Drögsler comes with apron and white sneakers with clothes and wooden Packed. We follow him through the garden door in the living room of the former servants ‘ house. Vaulted ceilings give the rooms something Sacred. But comfortable it is still. In the living room the fire crackles in the fireplace, the smell wafts through the whole house. Colorful rugs and skins, many of the armchair and stack of Books. On the brown leather sofa Jörg sits to be Honest.

The two fashion designers, and work together, decided in 1997 – at that time, René Lezard – for the life in the country. “I found it here first, a little clammy and gloomy, because it was no longer uninhabited,” says Otto Drögsler, who comes from Austria. “But when the gates opened, everything has changed.”

Two decades – that’s a lot of framed photos from Nan Goldin to David Armstrong, the are works of art as an Original, Gottfried-Helnwein-a portrait of Marlene Dietrich, the furniture and lockers from different eras and chairs from the colonial style to the Bauhaus. Everywhere small illustrations, often of friends or Drögsler self, and personal memorabilia: October, feast of the heart, framed in moss, crocheted monsters and a Hello Kitty figurine that dangles from a bedside lamp.