Due to the crash of a cargovliegtuig 1 km away from the airport and all the activity at the airport in Ukraine’s Lviv, Friday morning was for a while suspended. It also allowed the flight of the Ghent-based players, with up to 10 hours, and the beginning did not go. The players took a morning stroll through Lviv, in order to end up with more than a two-hour delay at the airport and have to pull out.

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It’s a small cargotoestel (Antonov 12), and the society of Ukraine Air Alliance, was on his way to the Spanish city of Vigo and on to Lviv, but it would run out of gas be dropped. Some sources speak of five deaths.

the AA Gent will be played Thursday night in the Europa League against FC Oleksandria. That took place in Ukraine, Lviv.

The delay of the flight, as it comes at a good time for the buffaloes. On Sunday the ‘Battle of Flanders’, in between Club Brugge and AA Gent will be on the agenda.

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find out More about Club Brugge and senior Executives of Club Brugge and examined in a dossier to be Clean, Hands and Club Brugge coach Philippe Clement wave of complaints about the “distant-movement” of the AA Gent away: “That is a soup first division soccer team KRC Genk drew, by far, the youngest team in the Champions League final, Club Brugge are just outside the top ten for Club Brugge-supporter, of which the beggars in Madrid, and would show a police inspector