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the Inhabitants looked on Friday, the one that pops up when a ‘stricken’ stay ‘in life was to be held in the Brussels port area. The actor-Pol-Parent heard from a neighbor that, “a right whale off of the channel is at risk,” and went on with the kids and take a look.

The ‘sperm whale’, which turned out to be a work of art by the collective, Captain Boomer ” . The sperm whale is a symbol of the destruction of life in the world’s oceans due to the warming of the earth.

The whale was created by Tongenaar Dirk Claesen. Its a taxidermist and artist, has made up to the time of his death in 2014 as part of the Antwerp-based artist collective.

The work has already been exhibited in Antwerp, Paris, Madrid, and London. It is part of the White Night , an annual international art event. The theme of the xvii, Brussels edition, the human impact on the environment.

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