Delhaize asked its customers to get the product to Delhaize, a Polish sausage, 150 g” the use-by date 12/11/2019 extra attention to the label because the package of the DLL, Polish sausage may be a “2 Frankfurter sausages” are. As a result, the allergens, “celery, and soy” is not stated on the packaging.

Delhaize asked its customers, who are allergic to celery and/or soy and this product for 2 Frankfurt sausages purchased in order for this to be a Delhaizewinkel, where it will have to be paid back.

for Consumers who are not allergic or intolerant to celery, and/or soy, which can be a risk to consume. In the meantime, Delhaize, each and every product in the store, and removed the controls of the product and of the supplier become more stringent.

Delhaize makes an apology for the inconvenience caused.

for More information Delhaize Famous tafelschuimster against a judge: “get the cooperation of the. Or do you have no ears, perhaps?” And 210 jobs are being threatened by the 16 the Belgian the Match and Smatch stores Discount with good nutriscore all-important in a shop: “the Pay of employees with a healthy diet,” stability of sales, and more profit at Delhaize Belgium