Defense Council Friday: what could be announced


Here comes back the Emmanuel Macron of the Defense Councils. On the morning of Friday September 2, 2022, the Head of State must once again chair one of these crucial meetings, reports France Info on its site. This time, the subject on the agenda will not be health: it will be about the energy crisis that France should soon face, starting this winter. The supply of gas and electricity is also the main issue that should be addressed. “These are the vital interests of the country and of the French”, summarizes “a source within the executive”, questioned by our colleagues.

In the event of a harsh winter, specifies a ministerial adviser, “the risk of cuts is real”. This is why certain members of the government, including the Prime Minister, are now considering energy “rationing” measures, our colleagues are suing. The details of the announcements are still unknown but the political objective of the executive, which decides to mobilize a device usually activated to respond to military subjects, is clear, underlines the information site.

“There is a lack of seriousness, including among certain ministers”, judges a “government source”, whose remarks are collected by our colleagues. Therefore, it is important to hammer home the message, which is struggling to get through. And, of course, to show “an active government in the face of the risk of an acute crisis”, explains France Info. A good hearer!